Our range of IT support and services

Fulcrum provides a range of IT support and services – all of which are underpinned by our general philosophy of allowing you to get on with your business – including:

Fulcrum ONE

Fulcrum ONE is our comprehensive security and services solution – it covers the majority of what we do and is designed to surpass the governments Cyber Essentials standard – taking you well on the way to getting ISO 27001 certified.

This is our recommended solution for all our clients and is billed per employee on a monthly basis. With this package – cyber essentials certification is included free of additional charge.

The package includes advanced security and services for the following areas:

  • Microsoft 365 and email protection
  • Endpoint (computers) security
  • ID, credential and domain compromise attacks
  • Roaming user network management
  • Company policy and controls (documentation)
  • A business-oriented cloud file solution

Policy definition and management

We strongly believe that every business needs policies around their use of computers. Without this – your employees won’t know how or why they use computers or what controls are in place to keep them safe. This is vital when they themselves are the last line of defence against social engineering attacks.

Possibly more importantly – good IT policies can help you see the benefits technology brings to your business and can help you plan the way you will use information and technology as your company grows.


Microsoft 365 management

Our knowledge of Microsoft 365 allows you to work smarter – knowing you are making full use of the subscription you have chosen from Microsoft. Their packages put huge amount of IT resources at the fingertips of small business – but keeping up with the pace of change is challenging.

Why not let Fulcrum review your use of 365 and make sure you are taking full advantage of everything it has to offer – from on-line meeting bookings to project management tools it’s a large array of products that go far beyond Excel and Word.

Email security

Email security represents one of the biggest threats to any organisation – its literally an open door into the computers (and minds) of all your employees. Our range of defences covers the universe of email attacks in more than one way – to ensure you get the support and services your company needs and that you minimise the risks associated for your business.

Windows update management

You arrive at work on Thursday Morning. Your train was late – and your clients are already waiting for your when you get there. You turn your laptop on to load your presentation and – bang – your hit with a ‘windows is doing updates…’ message. You glance around – it’s the same on everyone’s PC.

For security – you need to know that your computers are up to date – but you also need a working technical environment. Allowing Microsoft to dictate when your PC updates and even worse – when it upgrades – can cause huge efficiency losses.

We can simply and securely implement a more guarded update routine so that not all PC’s update at the same time – as well as bringing predictability and management to the process.

Software control

Not knowing what software is installed on your computers can lead to danger. Even if your employees don’t accidentally install malware on their machines – old or not-updated software can have security vulnerabilities that lead to your computers being compromised. By allowing us to manage what software is installed – we can maintain a list and monitor the set of software for known vulnerabilities and updates. We can also get automated notifications of unauthorised software finds its way on to your computers.


Anti-malware scanners

With over a billion KNOWN malware programs out there in the wild. Having an anti-malware package is essential – having a couple is highly recommended for a more detailed defensive strategy. Our two end-point packages work independently off each other and use different techniques to effectively layer security onto your endpoint.

Security operation centre

Our SOC service – monitors the main services and your endpoints in real-time 24×7 for any signs of malfeasance. If detected – they notify us to investigate or if they are sure there are bad actors afoot. They will disable the endpoint in question remotely.


Financial sector

Our first customer was the first long-short market-neutral hedge fund. We solved their problems quicker than anyone else. Despite evolving technology, efficient computers with prompt support remain essential in the financial sector…



What makes us perfect for the financial and legal sectors is just as applicable to other businesses. Our philosophy is that great companies need an equally great technology service – planned to be future-proof and secure…


The business benefits

  • Fast support response and resolution
  • Ownership if your technology issues through to fix or work-around
  •  Fulcrum One is a complete cyber security solution suitable for most small businesses
  • Fulcrum-led policy generation to give your company an evolving technology road map
  • Risk-based security policies to ensure your business understands its security posture and is ready to respond to threats


What should I do next?

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