Advanced Malware Protection

Fulcrum IT advanced malware protection

What is it advanced malware protection?

Complimenting traditional Anti-virus, advanced malware protection provides a further layer of protection against bad software.

More specifically focused, this threat protection takes aim at Ransomware-style malicious applications – although it does provide other types of protection too and could potentially replace traditional Anti-virus type software in your company.

Why you need advanced malware protection

With ransomware becoming one of the most pervasive threats and an ever increasing array of bad actors out there finding ways to make money from honest businesses, having more protection can only be a good thing.

Advanced Malware tools use heuristic scanning and AI to ensure that anything running on your computer is safe and doesn’t ‘encrypt’ files or cause other types of mayhem. Running this software on your computers adds to the layers of protection in place to keep you safe.

The Fulcrum IT angle

We have chosen a state of the art partner in the fight against Ransomware. Our solution uses advanced AI and Deep Learning to stop malicious apps from running on your endpoint within 20 milliseconds of them starting. Then – they are classified into types and we are informed. Simultaneously it reports back into our chosen SOC Supplier – completing the reporting cycle.

When malware strikes – speed is crucial in blocking and neutralising the threat. Make sure you don’t become the next victim.